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Paul Gallant and Jim Mudd talk with former member of The Walking Dead and current cast member on Showtime’s Masters of Sex about her shows, her future with music and the new spin off of “Fear the Walking Dead.”
Kinney was killed off the Walking Dead last season as her character Beth was shot in the head (No we didn’t say spoiler alert, IT’S THE NAME OF THE PODCAST!)

“I was sad to leave the show,” Kinney told Spoiler Alert. “I worked on the show for about four years or four seasons. I’d seen (Beth) grow seen her change. There are a lot of parts of me that are like Beth.

“The fans of Walking Dead are so incredible and it really was such a ride, it was such a journey for me. I’ve never been part of something that had such a reach.”

Starting August 23rd on AMC the first season of The Walking Dead spinoff/prequel “Fear The Walking Dead” takes a look at Los Angeles as the zombie outbreak begins. Kinney is excited for the show, even though we don’t think Beth would pop up in LA at all.

“Someone pitch it,” Kinney said of having Beth on Fear The Walking Dead. “Maybe she went to LA for a music audition or something.”

Kinney is now appearing on Showtimes “Masters Of Sex” which is a different animal to be in than The Walking Dead.

“Very different from Walking Dead,” Kinney said. “To me that definately appealed to me. I loved working on Walking Dead but i sort of liked the idea to of going to work and, like, people not getting shot in the throat. To me I welcomed the break of not necessarily exploring people getting torn apart but instead exploring relationships and sex and drama and people falling in love.”



Emily attended the 41st Annual Saturn Awards last night. Even though she didn’t win in her nominated category, the whole cast took home an award for best cable series.


The Walking Dead is one of those shows that is always very popular with fans, but never seems to win many awards. However, that all changed at the 2015 Saturn Awards, where AMC’s zombie drama netted 7 nominations and cashed in on 3 of those opportunities.

Those three awards also represented some of the biggest categories for a television show that were available at the Saturn awards. Although some members of The Walking Dead’s cast (such as Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney) walked away empty-handed, it was great to see the AMC show being recognized for a great fifth season.

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This is an older interview but I wanted to post it because it deals with her Walking Dead departure.


Posted December 1 2014


The Walking Dead midseason finale ended with a bang on Sunday night. Unfortunately, that bang was the sound of Officer Dawn Lerner’s gun blasting into Beth’s head after Beth stabbed with her some scissors to protest the Grady Memorial Hospital leader insisting on forcing Noah to stay in exchange for Beth. In the past we may not have seen Beth be so bold, but this was Beth Greene 2.0, who showed herself to be a much more outspoken and daring version of her former self. Of course, that daring is what ultimately led to her demise. We spoke to a still very emotional Emily Kinney — who will now turn her attention to her music career with a new single and video titled “Rock Star” due Dec. 9 and a new album in 2015 — to get her thoughts on Beth’s evolution and end game. She also tells us about Norman Reedus getting a bit handsy, talks what she will miss most about working on the show, and reveals that she has yet to even watch her final episode. (Also make sure to check out our deep dive with Andrew Lincoln, midseason finale Q&A with Norman Reedus, and burning questions with showrunner Scott M. Gimple.)


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tell me how and when you got the bad news.
EMILY KINNEY: The season finale was episode 508 and I found out during 507. So I found out a few hours before they released the script to everyone.


Showrunner Scott Gimple gave you the call?
I actually talked to him in person.


So did you go then tell your castmates or did they find out on their own?
All I know is how I found out, which is that day a few hours before the script came out. So different people from the cast reached out to me after that and that was really nice.


Tell me about that. What was it like when the reactions from cast started coming in?
They seemed surprised too. It’s always really hard. We’ve worked together for years now. So, it’s really sad.
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Emily Kinney is known for her role as Beth Greene from the hit series The Walking Dead, but she has much more under her belt than that one show. She’s been in numerous television and film spots, as well as on Broadway in Spring Awakening and August: Osage County. Kinney has also been busy with a budding music career, and we’re eagerly awaiting a new album from her this year, titled This Is War. I got to talk to Emily about her upcoming tour, album, and how acting and music have worked together in her life:


A lot of people know you from The Walking Dead, but you’re also an accomplished musician. Did acting come first, or was music/acting a joint venture for you?


Music in some ways came first as far as like, when I was little […] I loved music and the radio and singing and singing for people and even just starting when I was seven, I was singing in talent shows and at church. But then, as I grew up, I started getting involved in theater and musical theater and the TV shows I watched, I would think, “Oh, that’s kinda what I’m looking for.” […] They both have been a part of my life for quite a while, I would say music kinda got me in.


When I moved to New York, I was definitely moving to pursue acting and music was just something I’d always do no matter what. I started singing backup for bands, I went to go see a lot of music, started writing my own songs. It took me a second to start deciding to actually record my own music. I guess professionally, acting came first, but what hooked me into performance was my music.



Your music has a very playful nature to it. Even with your songs that take a more serious tone, there’s still this, I want to say ‘innocence’ to it. Do you find it easier to write your music that way?


I do think that it’s very playful and happy, like a lot of people will tell me, “Your songs sound so happy, but then when I really listen close to the words, they suddenly are very sad.” I just tend to think about the actual words themselves, and I think for me, music or writing music is a way for me to feel better and work out what I’m going through, so I don’t know if that becomes part of the process, it starts out trying to be really honest about what I want to say, and saying those things in a very honest way, but then when I sing them wanting them to feel happy and feel like a release.


So I think that’s why they might come out in that way. I also think my sense of humor comes across a little bit in my songs, and even if I’m upset about something, I do tend to make fun of the thing I’m upset about, and I don’t think that any of my problems are maybe all that awful. Usually, most of the issues I’m writing about are things like boyfriends and love and really things that I’m lucky to have had in my life. Sometimes, I try to find a way to sort of make fun of the problem.


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Emily Kinney, “The Walking Dead” – We did not exactly get a ton of Beth throughout the entirety of “The Walking Dead” season 5, but we are a big believer that sometimes you can do a lot with a little. Much like we felt that Melissa McBride earned a nomination based entirely on “The Grove” a year ago, Kinney is worthy thanks to her anchoring the show in “Slabtown,” and then delivering a powerful performance in “Crossed” and “Coda,” one of the saddest episodes of the entire year.