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I’m so sorry I’m late on this but I hope Emily had a wonderful birthday!


Welcome to Enchanting Emily, a fansite for Emily Kinney. Emily is most well known for the character Beth Greene on The Walking Dead. But she’s also a wonderful musician who is currently touring the country in support of her newest single, This is War, and for her upcoming full length This is War CD release in August 2015.

adjective: enchanting

delightfully charming or attractive.

gerund or present participle: enchanting

fill (someone) with great delight; charm.

I chose to name the site ‘Enchanting’ because I think Emily has that special quality both in her real life interviews and pictures as well as her roles on screen that is completely enchanting.


I still have a  long way to go on the gallery so please keep visiting and follow us on twitter @_emilykinneyfan