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Paul Gallant and Jim Mudd talk with former member of The Walking Dead and current cast member on Showtime’s Masters of Sex about her shows, her future with music and the new spin off of “Fear the Walking Dead.”
Kinney was killed off the Walking Dead last season as her character Beth was shot in the head (No we didn’t say spoiler alert, IT’S THE NAME OF THE PODCAST!)

“I was sad to leave the show,” Kinney told Spoiler Alert. “I worked on the show for about four years or four seasons. I’d seen (Beth) grow seen her change. There are a lot of parts of me that are like Beth.

“The fans of Walking Dead are so incredible and it really was such a ride, it was such a journey for me. I’ve never been part of something that had such a reach.”

Starting August 23rd on AMC the first season of The Walking Dead spinoff/prequel “Fear The Walking Dead” takes a look at Los Angeles as the zombie outbreak begins. Kinney is excited for the show, even though we don’t think Beth would pop up in LA at all.

“Someone pitch it,” Kinney said of having Beth on Fear The Walking Dead. “Maybe she went to LA for a music audition or something.”

Kinney is now appearing on Showtimes “Masters Of Sex” which is a different animal to be in than The Walking Dead.

“Very different from Walking Dead,” Kinney said. “To me that definately appealed to me. I loved working on Walking Dead but i sort of liked the idea to of going to work and, like, people not getting shot in the throat. To me I welcomed the break of not necessarily exploring people getting torn apart but instead exploring relationships and sex and drama and people falling in love.”



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