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Emily did a great interview with “A Drink With”. Here’s a snippet.



At just 25 you got the role as Beth Greene on “The Walking Dead”. It sounds like there weren’t too many days working in the coffee shop.

Yeah, you know, right away when I got to New York I didn’t waste a lot of time in terms of waiting to audition. I can remember the first night that I got to New York that second time and I didn’t have an apartment or my job at a coffee shop yet, but I was already planning on going to an open call the next morning. At first I didn’t love New York City either. Now I love it. Now it’s my home. It’s one of my favorite places in the world, but I was there for a very specific purpose and that was that I wanted to work in theater and I wanted to work in the biggest way possible – theater and music. To me, the best place for that was New York City.


Please read the rest of the interview at “A Drink With”



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