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static1.squarespace.comWHO: Emily Kinney — Actress, Musician, Lyricist

WHY SHE’S FOXY: Because she’s an inspired lyricist on the rise who also played a kind-hearted sex kitten zombie killer on the hit TV show “The Walking Dead.”

ON HER CURRENT RELATIONSHIP STATUS: “I’m single. You know, I’m traveling so much, I find it sort of difficult to date and get to know someone. It gets serious very quick or goes away very quick. Planning to travel to see someone puts a specific pressure on the whole thing. I am totally open to it though. I would love to find the right person. I’m sort of awkward sometimes and require a lot of time to myself which I think freaks guys out in the beginning or makes them frustrated/think I don’t like them. When I feel like I have a special connection with someone it’s rare for me. Right now, I’m really digging hanging out with my little sister, or my friends.”

static1.squarespace.com2ON HER IDEAL RELATIONSHIP/PARTNER: “I think I really want to be with someone that inspires me and my work. I’d rather be with someone that is into their own thing as well. I’m craving that – someone who inspires me to be excited about things happening in my life, not needing me to apologize for when I have to be away. Musicians typically. I end up preferring to date other artists/actors/musicians because they understand the schedule and its randomness. I picture both of us working on things that we like. Inside jokes from the daily little things, a best friend­ but someone that is independent. And making me better in some way.”



static1.squarespace.com3ON HER WORK: “It helps me really make sense of things. When I can’t say what I want to say at that time, or when it’s not appropriate to do so, or when your opinion really isn’t welcome, it works. It’s out there. But making movies and writing songs is a safe place. Especially when our lives seem meaningless or that they’re going by too quickly or too slowly — the ‘do I matter in the big picture.’ I think that’s why people crave art. It makes things feel worth it. Art and love are a huge deal. Love and art fill up to make you feel like you matter.”

ON MARRIAGE: “I never thought about it growing up; I never said ‘when I grow up and get married and have kids.’ I always said ‘I’m moving to New York and becoming an actor.’ I liked boys. But it wasn’t like that. Now I know that it is something I want. I feel stumped in my growth because I’m just now thinking about it. It was never actively manifesting in my self. I totally think it would be fun to get married. I don’t think the idea of marriage though could change the way my life path is going. At least I haven’t met someone to make me feel that way. I would love to be with someone and have a family. But it can’t change who I want to become.”

static1.squarespace.com4ON CAREER ADVICE: “Have something that you are good at, like­ music or whatever. That has made my life so much more fun — the acting, all of it. The pursuit of that has given me so much sense of self. My advice would be then for them to find something they love and to do it. I needed to find what anchored me. It’s a gift to know what you want to do and that creates such a life focus. Not just to pay the bills, but it makes you feel like ‘you.’ I vividly remember walking the streets and working at a coffee shop in NYC. I think about that walk often because I specifically remember feeling happy. Satisfied with just going to rehearsals after work. Certain things are not in your control, but the pursuit of things is in your control.” ­

HER CAREER ADVICE: “Your career and path is different than everyone else’s so don’t compare. You can learn from other’s careers and work, but your path is unlike anyone else’s so what you can give and how fast or slow things will progress is totally unique to you. To keep getting better, you also have to keep making mistakes and trying new things and doing things that you’ve never done before.”

ON THE BEST WEDDING EVER: “The best wedding I’ve been to was my friend Simon’s. He had a big pizza party in the backyard of this bar in Greenpoint. It was beautiful. Everyone was having so much fun.”

static1.squarespace.com5FAVE LOVE SONG: Nicest Thing by Kate Nash.

FAVE LOVE MOVIE: True Romance, Dirty Dancing.

FAVE LOVE BOOK: Beautiful Ruins.







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