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You already know Emily Kinney’s singing from The Walking Dead. As Beth Greene, farmer’s daughter and zombie slayer, her character’s occasional musical interludes brought emotional depth and resonance to a frequently brutal television show. She talked with STACKEDD about her tour, geek culture, and her parents’ super rad taste in music.


CR: Your music is so much fun! How long have you been a songwriter?

EK: I’ve been writing poetry longer than songs, but I remember writing some of my first songs in high school.


CR: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

EK: I love a lot of artists, but most of my inspiration to write songs comes from my musician friends, or local Brooklyn bands I see around NYC. Jaymay, Bright Silence are a few….I also get inspiration from my romantic relationships or my friend’s relationships. Walking around NYC inspires me to write songs. And I get inspiration from my parents. My parents’ taste in music has definitely influenced me. We would listen to The Carpenters and John Lennon, Chicago, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rolling Stones, James Taylor, Carole King, etc….the list goes on a bit. They have great taste in music I think. 🙂


CR: Which musicians would like to work with in the future? Do you have a dream collaboration?

EK: I don’t know. There are so many great artists out there. I already feel lucky to have gotten to work with some awesome musicians on this album, like Caleb Shreve, Elliot Jacobsen, and Simon Kafka, who are also good people and good friends. But I do have a fantasy about Nicki Minaj doing a remix of one of my songs. So maybe someday that call will come. haha.


CR: How has the transition from working on The Walking Dead to focusing on music been for you?

EK: It’s been non-stop since leaving The Walking Dead because I have been trying to really take advantage of the momentum in both my acting and music career. The Walking Dead became a home base, an anchor for a few years, so now I’ve been trying to find that anchor again in my life. So some days I feel a little scattered. The family that has developed within the band through touring is beginning to feel like an anchor. I think I want to tour more after the album comes out.


CR: The episodes of The Walking Dead featuring you singing were some of the more emotionally resonant episodes. Was it exciting for you to be able to sing on the show? How did that come about?

EK: Of course, it was exciting! I love singing and I love that the audience was able to connect with Beth through music. It was just something added to the campfire moment in Season 3 and then it was established that Beth liked singing. It was the showrunner’s idea.


CR: What did you learn about geek culture from working on a cult show like The Walking Dead? How do you feel about how women are treated in geek culture?

EK: I’m not sure I totally know specifically who you are referring to when you say “geek culture”, but I love the Walking Dead fans and I do meet a lot of comic book/ superhero/horror film fans when I go to conventions. They are loyal and fun and positive and supportive people in my experience. To be an artist with a listening audience like The Walking Dead has is quite a fortunate thing.


CR: Tell us about your upcoming acting projects.

EK: I’ll be appearing in the second season of The Knick, and I have few other things in the works, but right now as I’m writing this interview I’m on the road with my band!



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