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Fans of Emily Kinney know her for her “melodic, quirky, and confessional pop,” highly personal songwriting, and “honest style,” all of which will be featured on her debut full length album, ‘This Is War’ (8.11). Kinney’s narrative on the album is empowering and confident as she openly speaks her mind to those who have doubted her and those she loves – a departure from the roller coaster love story captured on her ‘Expired Love’ EP.


On the album’s percussion-driven opener and title track, Kinney directly addresses someone who expressed doubt in her career, using her arsenal of strong lyricism and songwriting to prove she’s “a fighter.” All ten tracks on the album share the common theme of taking ownership of your life and leaving nothing unsaid. “I would feel motivated to write songs after I had conversations where I didn’t feel like I could say the things I wanted to say,” explains Kinney. That isn’t to say that the whole album is about disagreements – “Never Leave LA,” a song Kinney says was inspired by a close friend’s story, is about fighting and taking chances for love. The song features the glockenspiel, a xylophone-like instrument that Kinney used throughout the album to contrast with the confrontational songwriting topics. On the album’s closing track, “Weapons,” Kinney details her escape into the sunset as she lays down her guard, surrounds herself with people who treat her right, and remembers that living well is often the best revenge.


Kinney doesn’t shy away from naming names and details about the people involved in her songs, making her lyrics feel like they’ve leapt from the pages of her diary. Her “heartfelt, emotional indie rock” (Rolling Stone) has earned her comparisons to Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michaelson, and is the reason that PopCrush proclaims she “is ready to make her official foray into the music world.”


Listen to the title track “This is War” on SPIN.com: http://www.spin.com/2015/04/emily-kinney-this-is-war-new-song-the-walking-dead-stream/





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